World’s smallest pistol. Austria 2mm pinfire miniature guns

These are some of the smallest working pistols in the world. The first time I watched this video I could not believe you could actually load a miniature bullet in and fire it. Apparently there are only blanks available for this miniature gun.

Looking to Buy a 2mm pinfire gun? There is now a site online that ships world wide with very few restrictions. They have the best selection at the very best price that is 1/4 of the price of the last seller I was showing on this site. 

To purchase one of these tiny working weapons you must be of legal age but do not require any gun permits or licences. Miniature firearms replicas have become very popular  and at one point in time it was harder to find a working pinfire cartridge then the actual pistol or gun itself but now you can find a massive selection online at the lowest prices at: The website to be listed here is pending as I am contemplating which of 3 great sites would best serve the viewers that visit this page 

Here is a miniature semi auto handgun. (not pinfire)
miniature pinfire world's smallest gun for sale

5.5 cm worlds smallest working gun made by the swiss. the swiss mini gun. Not pinfire
swiss mini pinfire   world's smallest gun for sale
Worlds smallest gun for sale

2 inch black powder mini pistol

Miniature revolver pinfire next to coin to compare size

 1 inch pin fire pistol 

The fascinations with miniature weapons has existed as long as weapons have. Well most children would marvel at receiving a tiny rifle, shotgun, handgun, revolver, pistol or any kind of gun as a gift the parent must consider that this indeed may lead to accidents that could be possibly fatal

Can a pin fire miniature gun kill? Has anyone died from such a device? No. Though it is considered a working and firing weapon, the amount of gun powder actually used is not enough force to excel a projectile like a bullet or ball bearing to a lethal skin penetrating level. There are manufacturers who have created mini guns that are quite powerful but purchasing one of these would be difficult with the majority of gun laws in most of the world. Buying one in the u.s. is the easiest though obviously as it is there constitutional right to bear arms. The laws in canada are much more strict and prohibit most from owning or carrying one publicly. These pinfire weapons can be sold world wide because they have not been classified as lethal weapons.