New weapons technology violates human rights

The Uk’s Royal society has released information regarding a controversial new weapons testing that involves technology that scans the brain and determines areas that can be altered by either sound or electronics or perhaps even a gas.

The best effect this weapon could have is to disable the soldier or terrorist or whatever enemy temporarily.
Rumor has it that testing has been going on below the human rights radar and the results have been lethal and inhumane. 

Hand signs for military and police close range engagement

The next time you are up against your local swat team you will be able to translate their hand signals to figure out what they are saying.
Click pic for full size view

I have read that many military groups and police task forces develop their own unique form of silent communication but the above chart is the basic guide.

Travel to russia to shoot the XM307 25mm Machine Gun

In Russia money can buy you anything. This amazing High tech machine gun of the future (developed in 2005) is the next weapon I would like to fire. It can also be set to self operation and protect areas with motion sensor capability.
For the right price, well on vacation in Russia, you can ride on a tank mounted with the XM307 25mm Machine gun and destroy some targets of your choice. They will also throw in a vest full of AK-47 banana clips you can unload at the range. The whole experience will cost you less than the plane ticket to get there.

If you are traveling to russia and want to fire some military weapons not normally available to the public and not found at your local gun range hop on google and search for some private gun collectors. Just make sure not to piss anyone off or you may not return from the mother land.

10 High definition Weapons wallpapers for Desktops

10 more great hd wallpapers to spruce up your desktop. Starting out with the famous .45 caliber ACP handgun below resting on the blade of a samurai sword. Would like to stroll into battle with this nice weapons combo.

Another 45 cal handgun with a futuristic looking laser sight attached to the barrel. If you are comfortable with the weight of the handgun you own sometimes adding weapons accessories like this will only mess up your aim and its best to take it to the range and practice with the new attachment on.

The Chinese version ak 47 automatic assault rifle kalashnikov one of the most reliable assault rifles ever made. The choice of many soldiers over the years as you can drag it through sand water and snow and it will still fire. Though not the most accurate of weapons. This was my hd wallpaper for a long time. Love the new grip with the old classic rifle.

Futuristic looking assault rifle with a see through clip to keep track of how much ammo you have left. As weapons technology advanced some of these future weapons are becoming light, more accurate and deadlier then ever. This Hd wallpaper also has a nice folding blade pocket knife to complete the package.

One of the greatest military innovations was the fighter jet. Armed with whatever crazy missiles and even nuclear weapons you can think of. Can travel at insane mach speeds and defend our countries with deadly accuracy.

The us armies trusted assault rifle for decades the M-16 a4 with custom grip and clip holding vest. When this rifle was added to the militaries weapons list killing became easier and reduced the burden of carrying around a heavy weapon.

Another hd wallpaper of the classic m-16 assault rifle. here it is photographed with all the accessories you would need to go to war.

Finger off the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. This military babe looks and is deadly in this picture holding an assault rifle.

The P90 assault rifle that looks straight out of the future with its smooth curves, see through rounded clip and polished metal finish. This weapon is so light and compact it will surely be adopted by the military and put into use very soon. It is already being displayed at various weapons shows around the world.

Ending the Wallpaper list with a bad ass tank that you would hate to see rolling across the killing field towards your army. Not much can defeat these new tanks as the armor they use now is specifically designed to withstand impacts from almost all anti tank missiles, bombs and devices.