Thompson submachine gun (Tommy Gun)

One of the most recognizable and glamorized guns ever made, the Thompson submachine gun more commonly known as the “Tommy Gun” was invented by John T. Thompson in 1919.

thompson submachine gun receiver

Other names the Tommy gun was known by: the TSMG, the Trench Broom, the Trench Sweeper, the Chicago Piano, and the Chopper. Above is the gun on display in a military museum where you can find all the accessories and a complete history of the tommy gun

thompson submachine gun history
Above is a picture of Winston Churchhill inspecting a soldiers weapon and looking pretty bad ass wearing a suit, top hat and cigar hanging from his lips
thompson submachine gun blueprints
The U.S military carried the tommy gun in 1938 was used in world war 2 and later.
Many soldiers complained that the m1 thompson machine gun was to heavy, when strapped with the 50 round clip, and far to noisy to be effective.
thompson submachine gun pictures
Auto ordnance tommy gun
thompson submachine gun pictures
Gangsters toting tommy guns often used guitar cases to conceal them. A clever way to transport their weapons without being hassled by the police

thompson submachine gun pics
A rare collector edition of the tommy gun. hand sculpted and painted by norman fellant. looks like it has either french or ukranian influence. This is a fully working model but I doubt the owner would be taking this beauty to the gun range

1927 thompson submachine gun
thompson submachine gun blueprints. A sketch labeling the different parts
tommy gun picture
Thompson model 1921 antique. A favorite for gun collectors worldwide. Above is a dark and smoky picture from the media
tommy gun gangster weapon

thompson gun world war 2
The popularity of the tommy gun has been so wide spread that it appears as different toys (a plastic replica that produces an annoying firing sound and an elastic firing tommy gun
thompson submachine gun military
Gun tattoo? Have not seen too many tommy gun tattoos but found this very well done one. Quite the statement walking around with this tattooed on your forearm. would not be my first choice but hey, to each their own
tommy gun police
Cant really see him holding it here but this is Ghost rider from a marvel comic unloading tommy gun. another example of the tommy guns influence on popular culture.
tommy gun toystommy gun documentary movie book
A very detailed and interesting book about how the Thompson submachine Gun influenced history written by Bill Yenne. The History Channel also produced a great documentary movie showing mostly the gangster use and not so much the military or police use of the tommy gun
Statistics of the Tommy gun

M1921 M1928 M1
Caliber .45ACP .45ACP .45ACP
Weight, empty 4.69 kg 4.9 kg 4.78 kg
Length 830 mm 852 mm 811 mm
Barrel length 267 mm 267 mm 267 mm
Rate of fire ~ 1000 rpm ~ 700 rpm ~ 700 rpm
Magazine capacity 20 or 30 rounds box
(“stick”) magazines and
50 or 100 rounds drums
same as M1921 20 or 30 rounds box
Effective range 100-150 meters 100-150 meters 100-150 meters

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Below is the tommy gun in action. Just a short video to give you an idea of what it looks like when being fired

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