crossbow weapon

This hunter crossbow has been camoflauged for hunting purposes
crossbow weapon
A crossbow is a bow mounted on a stick (called a tiller or stock) with a unique mechanism in it which holds the drawn bow string.
I believe this is the steel excaliber crossbow

crossbow weapon
crossbow building information
The bow (called the “prod” or “lath” on a crossbow) of early crossbows were made of a single piece of wood, usually ash or yew.

Close up of a crossbow gun trigger mechanism
crossbow weapon

The crossbow prod is very short compared to ordinary bows
This is one of the best crossbows available made by parker I believe

crossbow weapon

The strings for a crossbow must be made of very strong fibers to prevent a any problems before the trigger is released.
Toy crossbow made from lego

crossbow weapon

Probably the first crossbow design by leonardo davinci

crossbow weapon

Here is a how to build a repeater crossbow youtube video, he makes it look easy,
Making a crossbow can be dangerous so be cautious

Random crossbow facts:
-crossbows can and have been used for fishing
-Compound crossbows are more mechanically complex than traditional recurve crossbows
-crossbow cocking is responsible for severing hundreds of fingers every year (just kidding)
crossbow prices vary widely depending on quality
the crossbow pictures here were found on google

here is a link to a pdf tenpoint crossbow Manual

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