Big Dog – military experiments

Big Dog - military experiments
The Big Dog is a genius creation by the u.s. military originally created to carry supplies through and over almost anything in its way.
It uses a gyroscopic laser precision internal navigation system to create one of the most stable units possible.

Big Dog smart weapon technology military advancements

Sanjiv Singh is one of the creators who worked on this technology. His main contribution was the laser driven control system.

Big Dog military technology horse

3.3 feet high, 3.2 feet long and weighing in at 165 pounds.
Gasoline powered and Hydraulic driven

Big Dog weapons of war science project

An artists rendering of what the BigDog would look like trotting beside soldiers in a war.
Rather than the soldiers strapping the weight to their backs, like in all previous war engagements, this small horse like robot can carry up to 250 pounds without affecting its balance or mileage
Big Dog - military smart weapons technology
Early tests involved the Bigdog being controlled by remote.
Interesting Bigdog video shows the beast being kicked rather hard in the side and though it stumbles it never loses its balance. You can also see this military experiment climbing over a mountain of bricks, trickily manuveuring over an icy patch of road and gracefully climbing up a snowy hill.

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