Misloaded gun saves man’s life, and ends another’s

– A Daveyton man is alive and a robber dead on Thursday after assailants tried to shoot the man with a gun that misfired, Gauteng police said.

-The 36-year old man was walking to work at 04:00 when he was confronted by three robbers, said Captain Alfred Nakana.

-“The robbers demanded cash and his cellphone at gunpoint,” he said.
One of the robbers tried to shoot the 36-year-old but luckily his weapon jammed.
“His firearm was loaded with different kinds of ammunition,” said Nakana.

-This gave the 36-year-old man enough time to draw and fire his own licenced firearm, shooting his assailant.

-Nakana said the robber, in his twenties, died instantly. His two accomplices fled the scene. The misloaded gun was unlicensed and stolen, said Nakana.

-A case of attempted armed robbery and possession of a stolen firearm had been opened. Nakana said police were still looking for the other two robbers.
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