Mayan Warriors

Mayan Warriors from the Mel Gibson move Apocalypto

Mayan Warriors weapons

Calendrical rituals ruled the lives of the Mayan warriors.
Angry Aztec’s were the main enemies of these warriors.
The rise of civilization’s, like the Mayans were fueled by gods and power struggles between different groups.
Mesoamerican religions were no more farfetched than todays religions
Mayan Warriors weapons art
Brutal Mayan battles were many warriors died and were forever immortalized through ancient art as illustrated in the picture above.
Religions of mesoamerican cultures vastly varied from group to group and they rarely worshipped similar gods.
Mayan collapse theories are so vast and absurd that not one theory outweighs another. Foreign take over seem s to be one of the most popular theories.
Temples were erected in praise to their warriors
Many believed their fierce and unfriendly demeanor is what led to the decline of the mayan civilization.
The Mayans used ancient caverns craftily excavated beneath temples and other entrances to not only bury their dead but also to store supplies.