MagPul FMG9 Folding machine gun

FMG9 in folded position with carrying handle and Insight Technologies M3 tactical light

MagPul FMG9 Folding machine gun
o Non-descript appearance when folded

o Can fit in large rear pants pocket w/o carry handle

o Detachable carrying handle works in conjunction with tactical light to have minimal visual impact

MagPul FMG9 Folding machine gun
o One-touch spring-assisted deployment

o Ready-to-fire on opening

o Glock® Safe-Action® provides instant action without additional controls to manipulate

MagPul FMG9 Folding machine gun
o Accepts Glock® 18 31-round magazine in folded position

o Semi-auto function with capability to accept fully- automatic sear

MagPul FMG9 Folding machine gun
o Leverages the power of the proven Glock® Safe-Action® to provide quick, safe function without additional levers / controls.

o Reciprocating slide covered by durable reinforced polymer external casing

MagPul FMG9 Folding machine gun
Weapon Type – Submachine-gun
Place of Origin – Boulder, Colorado USA
Designer – Magpul Design Group
Designed – m2008
Manufacturer (Prototype) – Magpul Military Industries
Cartridge – 9×19 mm NATO
Action – Blowback (Glock® Safe-Action®)
Modes of Fire (Prototype) – Semi-Automatic Only
Rate-of-Fire (Prototype) – N/A
Feed System – 17, 19, 31-round box magazine

Magpul Industries SHOTSHOW 2008 – FNG9


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