Glove/Hand attachment Weapons

Pointed Knuckle dusters - Brass/aluminum Knuckles

Increase the damage your punch does ten fold just be careful not to kill what you are hitting as this weapon has proven lethal in the past
Tekagi-shuko 手かぎ手虎 translated: Tiger hook hands

The deadly and silent ninja made this weapon famous using it to scale obstacles and injure there enemies with an almost invisible hand attachment

Fashioned in respect to the deadly Tiger this spiky extension of the hand is a lethal and fierce looking instrument of carnage
Cestus or Caestus latin ancient roman battle glove

Cestus or Caestus (latin) ancient roman battle glove

In ancient roman times the Cestus was just a piece of leather wrapped around the fist to inflict more damage. Over time it has evolved but its use has declined