Girls with Guns part 1

Here are a few of my favorite girls with guns pictures

girls with guns pics

Borscha Olger from Ukraine (above) is holding her favorite Ak-47 assault rifle. Reporters quoted Borscha as saying”I get first AK-47 for birthday at young age of 13, same year I lost my virtually flawless Nickel plated 9 mm pistol. I like AK better”
girls and guns pics
Trap shooting in her bikini. Svelita (above) holding a Beretta shotgun and wearing a very enticing outfit. The look she is giving in this pic says: Look I know you farked my sister, I have a gun in my hands, any last words?
girls and guns pics

Jaime Pressly at the gun range with a one piece bathing suit and an AK-47 rifle.

women with weapons war pictures

2 butter face girls (above) with future assault weapons at the gun show. Assault rifles get lighter every year. the see through clip is a new weapon mod to assist the soldier.
females with firearms
4 beautiful guns – girls with guns
ladies with weapons
Gorilla Troops recruit sexy women to brandish weapons (above). In war I would have a hard time shooting a soldier that looked like her. Unless of course she was trying to kill me.
girls with guns
Julia was a tomboy no doubt. As early as she could remember she was playing with knives, swords, guns and any weapons she could get her hands on. Her father was military so it ran blue in her blood.
On her 16th birthday burglars broke into her home targeting her extremely wealthy father. A struggle ensued and her father was killed. Julia took the event terribly and ended up almost losing her mind.
To cope with the loss she became heavily involved with underground military groups, the n.r.a and a ton of other weapon related organizations.
3 years later she is a bad ass girl with a gun.
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Girls with Guns pictures part 1
Girls with Guns pictures part 2

5 shot ring pistol – weird weapons

5 shot ring pistol

Different versions of this ring pistol shoot different ammo. The one above shoots a 5 mm bullet.
There is also a version below that shoots bb sized matchlock musket balls and fired with blasting caps or blasting powder

6 shot ring pistol
Hand engraving on the side of this 18th century version of the ring gun/pistol

5 shot ring pistol
le petite protector. The fashionable and deadly ring pistol used in the hit t.v. series femme fatale.
5 shot ring pistol
A six shot version of the ring pistol. R. M. Maylett designed the smallest pistol of the time and originaly was not created to be a ring pistol and the cut out hole was merely the best way to get a firm grip on such a small gun
5 shot ring pistol 5 mm bullet
femme fatale engraving
5 shot ring pistol
labeled as a spy gun but I think it would be very noticeable and almost impossible to aim this tiny thing. Definitely a close range weapon.
5 shot ring pistol

5 shot ring pistol

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Top 10 Video Games Weapons

ebony and ivory pistol video game guns

Sounds like the name of a bad porn movie. These specialized pistols hold great meaning to the character using them in devil may Cry

Railgun from Quake 3 and 4 video game weapons

If you haven’t played any of the Quake series you are missing out on the fast paced action when using the railgun.
#8 – Plasma Rifle from Fallout 3

Just the word Plasma alone gives a futuristic quality to this well thought out gun
Popularized by movies like Star Wars the light saber grew even better when made black.
A very destructive weapon at close range. Originally a tool to mine rock then supercharged by the army.

A very unique concept for a video game gun. Incorporating the most viscous predator in the ocean into a gun and actually making it fun to use.
One of the most unique weapons to ever grace a video game

Fastest Gun In The World

Bob Munden – the fastest gun in the world

-Not only is he the fastest gun but he does some amazing trick shots as well

-This guy is one of the fastest guns in the world, his aim and speed is unbelievable

-Just how fast does he draw his gun and shoot the targets? 88 point… point zero… 88 hundredths of a second. Now thats fast.

Patrick Flaniigan -the fastest shotgun in the world. Also great accuracy

36 barrels – fastest shooting gun – 600 rounds per minute

Fastest gun reloader


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