Celtic Warriors

the celtic warrior clan female battle

Seamus celtic warrior’s are some of histories fiercest. Above is a great painting of a female Celtic warrior.

the celtic warriors names and traditional symbols
The Celtic societies number one enemy was the viking. Many fierce battles occurred over land and for dominance
ancient celtic warriors clans pictures
Above: Many prisoners of early battles were simply killed. Celtic belief was so strong that captured warriors would sooner die than serve the enemy. It was not unusual for the surviving woman from pillaged villages to be forced to care for the enemies youth who were orphaned by the countless wars being waged
ancient celtic warriors symbols and knot work
Above: Typical Celtic warrior weapons, armor and clothing.
A few examples of famous Celtic warriors names are Cathaoir meaning: Fighting Man, Warrior. Cattegirn which means: Battle Lord. Arthmael which means Bear Warrior.
Agro which is a Celtic word that means Battle, Slaughter.
These are just a small example of how brutal and fierce ancient Celtic warrior names were.

the celtic warrior sheamus
Above and below: Celtic warrior women in the midst of battle Celtic symbols are painted or tattooed all over their bodies to intimidate the enemy.
the celtic warrior sheamus pic
Below: Super sexy Celtic warrior woman in mid swing while battling an evil Viking army. I am a huge fan of such illustrated stories where an incredibly beautiful lady heroin fights with supernatural strength while still maintaining absolute feminine sexual appeal.
the celtic warrior sheamus weapons
A Celtic symbol cross, gorgeous redheaded female warrior and a dragon
celtic female warriors weapons and armor
Below: Celtic symbols etched into a fake human skull. Would make an interesting topic of conversation at a party
celtic warrior clans
Battling viking and Celtic warriors are illustrated below. Some of the most famous battles in ancient history contained these two ever rivaling clans. Braveheart is one movie that depicts the clan rivalries of the past and does a brilliant job capturing a warriors spirit.
celtic warriors WEAPONS
Celtic warrior weapons were the usual: swords spears hammers and axes as well as bow and arrows, long bows and booby traps.
Still to this day people with Celtic heritage are a very proud people as a whole.
The first archaeological culture is commonly accepted as the celts now known as Celtic culture