M16a1, M16a2, M16a3, M16a4 Assault Rifle AR15

M16-A1. Weapon Spec’s at bottom of page
M16-A1 automatic rifle Vietnam war standard issue

Originally the AR-15 until Colt, weapons manufacturer, purchased the rights and renamed it the M16 Automatic Rifle
M16 A1 automatic rifle Vietnam war standard issue
4 different versions of the M16 ranging from the a1 to a4 are currently in production. As seen above, each gun can be equipped with a grenade launcher weapons mod, scope and many more
M16A1 automatic rifle Vietnam war standard issue
Maximum effective range of the M16a1 is 450 meters before ammo burnout
Many weapon mods are available. Above is a powerful sniper scope modification which adds accuracy to shooting at great distances.
The m16a1 began production in 1963.
Chambers bored to fire the M193 an M196 cartridges in early production and service.
Special forces troops were the first soldiers to carry the M16A1 in 1964.


Rifle Caliber 5.56 mm M16A2 us military favorite Automatic

The second version of the M16, the M16A2, was put into service in 1980.
Using select fire technology which means it could fire in 3 round bursts which was specifically requested by the marine corps.

Rifle Caliber 5.56 mm M16A2 us military favorite Automatic
The cartridge size increased, thanks to belgium designers, to the M855 and M856
The barrel was extended by 5/8’s and the weight of the barrel was increased for balance reasons.
The Marine Corps, Air force, Coast guard and U.S. Navy, still to this very day, use the M16-A2


gas operated magazine fed assault rifle M16A3

Not much changed from the A2 to the A3. The M16A3 actually went back to the A1’s firing control group and the detachable carrying handle that is used exclusively by the U.S. Navy.
gas operated magazine fed assault rifle M16A3
Grenade launcher Mod on the A3
gas operated magazine fed assault rifle M16A3
Close up of the stock on a M16-A3 Professional weapons training system the Systema

U.S. Air Force's rifle, the M16A4
The M16-A4 was first introduced and put into service during Operation Iraqi Freedom and was standard issue for the Marine Corps.

U.S. Air Force's rifle, the M16A4

Colt introduced variations of the M16 which increased range before burnout. This sniper mod was basically an extended barrel length and the addition of a sniper scope mounted on the slide

U.S. Air Force's rifle, the M16A4
A well used M16-A4. Picture taken by a soldier
M16a1, M16a2, M16a3, M16a4 Assault Rifle AR15
M16a1, M16a2, M16a3, M16a4 Assault Rifle AR15

Specs of the M16A2
Weight: 7.8 lb – 3.5 kg – unloaded
8.79 lb: 4.0 kg loaded
Length: 39.625 in – 1,010 mm
Barrel length: 20 in 508 mm
Cartridge: 5.56x45mm NATO
Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire: 12-15 rounds/min sustained, 45-60 rounds/min semi-automatic, & 700–950 rounds/min cyclic:
Muzzle velocity: 3,110 ft/s 948 m/s
Effective range: 550 Meters – point target, 800 Meters – area target

History of production
Designer: Eugene Stoner
L. James Sullivan
Designed in 1957
Colt Defense
FN Herstal
H & R Firearms
General Motors Hydramatic Division
Produced: 1960–Present
Number produced: ~8 million and counting

See the M16 5.56mm rifle on Colts official website

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