Top Ten Bad Ass Weapons

M32 Grenade Launcher (MGL)

Lighter and faster pop off five grenades in 3 seconds
Smith & Wesson Model 500 .50-Cal. Magnum

In the1971 movie “Dirty Harry,” actor Clint Eastwood brandished the double-action Smith & Wesson Model 29 .44-cal. Magnum revolver. 40 years later this series produced this bad ass



Maybe not the most accurate assault rifles out there but no doubt one of the most durable and rugged. Besides looking bad ass, this weapon can do some serious damage.
The future of sniper rifles

This amazing sword from blue steel will be my next sword purchase. After watching the Cold Steel demo video I daydreamed of taking this baby into a full fledged hand to hand combat battle and hacking my unfortunate enemies into small pieces.

From flashlight to machine gun in 3 steps

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