Area Denial Weapons System – Metal Storm

Area Denial Weapons System - Metal Storm

Weapons manufacturer Metal Storm has perfected the Area denial weapons system (ADWS) and is proud to announce that after years of testing this smart technology weapon is soon to be part of the us military’s arsonal

ADWS metal storm future weapon technology
Many sites claim that the ADWS fires 6000 bullets per minute but according to it actually fires small grenades with smart technology that insures all ammunition explodes and none is left behind to endanger our side.

Area Denial Weapons System - Metal Storm grenade launching
Another selling point of the Area denial weapon system is its ability to adapt to any place it is needed. above the adws is mounted on a small tank like device to mobilize it. Due to its size and weight it must be mounted to an object and cannot be fired from a mans hand
Area Denial Weapons System Metal Storm
smart technology in action. Being tested and demonstrated in australia.
If the price tag was affordable I would set this up on my roof to discourage solicitors.
Below is the weapon in action on video

Area denial weapon system on metal storm site

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