Cornershot Gun

A 3d animation of the corner gun
3d corner gun future weapons

officers practicing with the corner gun

target practice corner gun weapon

The Corner Shot Gun is truly a weapon of the future
corner shot gun future weapons military
Corner Shot gun was created and founded by two former senior officers from elite units of the Israel Defence Forces together with US investors. Corner Shot is headquartered in Miami, Florida with offices in Israel. Corner Shot systems and products are distributed worldwide by the companys’ direct sales network, which has certified agents around the world. Corner Shot products fully comply with the ISO-9001: 200corner shot gun future weapon0
quality assurance standard.

swat testing out the corner gun weapon

corner gun weapon weapons of the futurethe Corner Shot gun is used by military units, law enforcement agencies and Special Forces around the world.
future weapon corner shot gun 

the Corner Shot gun maintains highly skilled engineers, technicians and weapon specialists for R&D and production of various high quality weaponry systems & accessories. Each product is produced with state-of-the-art technology and undergoes strict quality assurance. Additional worldwide patented products which will be introduced to the market in the near future.
corner shot gun future weapon 

Corner shot also offers a grenade laucnher version of their product the Corner Shot 40 TM
corner shot gun future weapons 

Here is a picture of the first corner shot gun prototype
corner shot gun future weapon
Following in their footsteps airsoft now offers an airsoft version of the cornershot gun
corner shot gun future weapon
A picture of the kitty corner shot gun addition. although this may seem humorous, this kitty may be the last thing you see.
kitty corner shot gun future weapon
Here is a video of this product being reviewed by discovery channel
And here is a videeo about an interesting new feature you can add to this gun called the kitty corner shot

If you are interesting in purchasing the cornershot gun you can visit the cornershot website
This Corner gun is certainly a gun from the future. pure genius. Looking around a corner through the scope of a gun is an advantage unmatched by almost any weapon.

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