5 shot ring pistol – weird weapons

5 shot ring pistol

Different versions of this ring pistol shoot different ammo. The one above shoots a 5 mm bullet.
There is also a version below that shoots bb sized matchlock musket balls and fired with blasting caps or blasting powder

6 shot ring pistol
Hand engraving on the side of this 18th century version of the ring gun/pistol

5 shot ring pistol
le petite protector. The fashionable and deadly ring pistol used in the hit t.v. series femme fatale.
5 shot ring pistol
A six shot version of the ring pistol. R. M. Maylett designed the smallest pistol of the time and originaly was not created to be a ring pistol and the cut out hole was merely the best way to get a firm grip on such a small gun
5 shot ring pistol 5 mm bullet
femme fatale engraving
5 shot ring pistol
labeled as a spy gun but I think it would be very noticeable and almost impossible to aim this tiny thing. Definitely a close range weapon.
5 shot ring pistol

5 shot ring pistol

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