The Reaper Drone. Unmanned death bird from hell

reaper drone future weapon unmanned death bird

With names like “reaper” and “Predator b” this unmanned craft has one main purpose: Seek and destroy!reaper drone illustration weapons cache and specs

Flown by remote control from any great distance makes this an expensive but 0 casualty war machine. Maybe one day ground soldiers will be replaced by bots that can be controlled from a comfy office miles away. This future weaponry is not far away.reaper drone death bird specsthe MQ-9 reaper is the first of its kind to take on death missions and was built for long missions and high flight to survey from an unnoticeable  distance and then drop missiles or hell fire machine gun rain on any unfortunate target.

illustration of reaper drone scary weaponEach of these death birds costs a staggering $16.9 million. More than enough billions spent on this weapons program to end world hunger ten times over. But this is America. We would rather destroy than sustain.

General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper on wikipedia