Amazon Warrior Women

amazon women warriors of the jungle

Amazon warriors where both male and female but the fame fell to the women who formed packs or clans and defended the jungles of the amazon where they lived
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Sexy and deadly the amazon women warriors still live today in the fantasies and minds of men around the world. Now that the amazons have been modernized few real warriors still exist. Sure a soldier could be considered a warrior but the term refers to a more barbaric and blood thirsty being. not someone who receives dictation from a higher power.
the amazon women warriors
Names of the amazon warriors differed from typical warrior names by being much more feminine. for example Aello which means whirlwind. Amynomene which means Blameless warrior and Andromache which translates to Man fighter. Andromache was an amazon warrior queen who was documented through history.
amazon women warriors pictures
Warriors of the Amazon were forced to be as brutal as their male counterparts. This was the only way to survive in an era when masculinity dominated the war fields. Because they were typically smaller than men they were forced to become more cunning and outsmart the enemy
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the Amazons warrior women are a popular genre in artwork. This is due to the taboo nature of these women. Stepping out of the male dominated days of the past and inspiring feminist females still to this day. Recently in the news a small group of women who formed a gang, for lack of a better word, came forward and admitted they called themselves the Amazon warriors. Made up of a six woman crew, all who had been treated poorly by men in the past, they stand up for the abused and all victims. The amazon name came from the power these warriors had in the past
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the amazon warrior women
warriors of the amazon jungle women and men
female warriors of the amazon

True at one time a small army of amazon warrior women battled in the forests. Now days the amazons still remain in movies books and fantasies.
Amazon Warrior Women

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