Gun knife combination weapons advanced warfare

 It takes two hands to hold a gun and a knife. It takes one bad ass hand to hold a Gun-Knife!

Enter the Gunknife a lethal weapon for distance and hand to hand combat. Ever since the first gun was invented someone was designing a way to attach a blade to it. Rifles in war have had knives and swords attached to them so when you run out of bullets or just feel like stabbing the shit outta your enemy you have that option with the same weapon.

You can find many gun blade hybrid weapons for sale online but be careful because many designs like this are just replicas or fantasy weapons. Did a local search for such an item and came up blank on working models but a flood of fantasy weapons are available and cheap.

Above: the glock with a weak looking blade attached to it. Nothing more than a gimmick.

above: replica of an actual weapon found in sunken pirate ship in the ocean.

Alternative uses for weapons. Art and furniture

ak 47 lamp made of silver weapons art

Ak-47 lamp in gold and silver. These are actually for sale but sold by an artist and not cheep.
ak 47 lamp made of silver weapons art
Kind of an eye sore. antelope with m-16 assault rifles as antlers.
antelope taxedermy m16 art
Only in america you will find a giant pistol thats actually a working bbq. Manly appliances.
BBQ pistol working stove weapons art
Here boy. I have a box of old broken guns and parts I might try to weld into a nice sculpture like this gun dog weapon art.
dog sculpture made out of guns
elephant made out of guns art
m-16 spider gun art and elephant creation very interesting pieces
spider made out of m-16 rifles gun art
table made out of guns weapon art
chair made out of guns weapons art
Most weapons are melted down when they brake and formed into either more weapons or other metal devices.

DALTON/STANLEY A/SRH-C1 Assault/Sniper Rifle Hybrid Tactical Weapon

Ive read that quite often before a gun is ever designed in the real world it is created in a virtual space like 3d animation.
Above is a beautiful animated gun by an amazing artist. Weapon design, modelling and animation all done by Jamie Martin. This gun was created in Maxon Cinema 4D. Edited in Final Cut Pro.

Ive dabbled in 3ds max before and it takes some serious skill to come up with a finished product of this caliber.
Check out
Animated 3d nuclear explosion video