Girls with Guns 5

gorgeous brown haired girl in bra and panties and pistol

The brown haired babe above is thinking how easy it would be to snipe every fool in the room drooling over her and get away clean. she is holding a small pistol looks like an acp
blonde soviet babe with ruger pistol posing nicely in model shoot
Blonde soviet super chick brandishing a ruger german pistol posing for the camera
smokin hot babe on car with future weapon assault rifle
The future is near when you start seeing guns like this one. Throw a few classic cars in the background and a super hot model in the mix and you have a winning photo. bravo
blonde lying on back with 357 magnum pistol
blonde curly haired girl lying in her underwear holding a 357 magnum as many blondes like to do. Typically not a favorite pistol of the female variety due to its massive kick and overall weight
camo babe with handgun
She looks ready for war with gun in hand. not sure what the scenery here is.
old revolver in the hand of a smokin hot chick
You! Im talking to you!. dont wanna mess with this iron clad bad ass chick holding an old smith and wesson revolver. looks like she is oiled up and ready for business.
camo hat on red head chick with big handgun desert eagle
Red hair and camo dont mix but i dont care. Hard nipples seem to be pointing at something. Oh my god they are trying to warn her. look debby, across the room over there debby, look!
blonde bimbo with ak 47 assault rifle flipping the bird
ya f%ck you too. I mean I would fu%k you if you would are interested too?
Gorgeous thick macho chick with ak 47 and huge clip pointed at the sky. and a thong for good measure. a lethal combination?
cute teen with pistol pointed at camera
Little miss innocent pointing the pistol with no intention of shooting simply to make you remove your clothes at gun point as foreplay before wild sex. but she does not realize the pistol is loaded and the safety is off. a night of hot passion turns into cold murder.
camo shorts on tom boy babe with assault rifle
Camo girl with assault rifle posing.
Girls with Guns pictures part 5

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  1. have you ever considered making a DVD of women with guns smoking cigars….a couple of sample ideas, you could dress up a model in a mobster outfit with the pintsrip suit and fedor hat holding a machine gun smoking a cigar. Or a wild west female gunslinger smoking a cigar while holding he six shooter etc. I would be first in line to buy such a product. Please getback to me and let me know thanks jimm1155@aol

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