Warrior women fantasy art Part 5

elf warrior princess wallpaper hdtwin warrior babes with swords tattoos and daisy dukes

future warrior woman with sword and machine gun
dominatrix warrior woman bloody axe
spike bat warrior lady fighting a giant monster beast

red sonja winter warrior woman
  • New york city has reported a terrifying new gang that has just been recognized in 2011 “warrior women”. This new clan consists strictly of women and the majority are lesbians or just ladies that hate men for some reason. They target only men in their criminal enterprises and as the news reported there is almost always a dead male left in their wake.
red headed female viking warrior sword and dragon
Gorgeous red headed female warrior with sword and dragon tail
  • They have offered affordable contract killing available to any woman that has had a problem with a man. They leave their signature at the scene of every crime by dismembering the male victim and stabbing a sword through the severed genitalia piercing it to the wall and scribbling some feminist slogan on the wall next to it.

punk warrior chick war paint skull bow and arrow

asian warrior woman with dagger s and m armor
  • Warrior women initiation, as confirmed by an ex gang member snitch, involved picking out a rich male victim, seduce him and then right before he thinks he is going to get layed out comes the entire warrior clan. They tie him up and extort every possible penny out of him before using a giant sword to chop off a body part determined by a roll of the dice.
red headed warrior princess axe and torchmetal armor scary warrior chick bloody sword

heavy metal babe fantasy art drawing
cartoon warrior babe fantasy art

  • Two evil twins, with a hell bent mission to dominate the male gender and take their rightful place as rulers of the underworld, run the warrior women gang as ruthless bosses. Rules in the clan are so strict and any violation resulted in instant execution. No second chances and sloppy ladies allowed.

illustrated nearly naked viking warrior woman
sexy heavy metal art warrior women with sword

  • The latest crime committed by the gang is what put them in the news and was their first public exposure.
  • A private investor in New York city, who was rumored to be a nefarious women beater and overall pig of a man, recently put his current and 6th wife in the hospital. His billions of dollars kept him out of trouble as he owns half the police force. The warrior clan was stalking him for some time gaining info for a smooth heist. One night he was partying in a strip club and the warrior women were undercover watching and listening and overheard him bragging about how badly he had beaten his wife and that he hoped she died in the hospital so he didnt have to deal with her anymore. One of the warrior women became so infuriated that she broke cover and sliced his throat killing him grotesquely. because of the mans high profile the cops were already there and after a short conflict ended up capturing 3 of the gang members and after hounding them gained all the information we know of them today.

heavy metal fantasy art warrior babe with weapons
sexy chinese painting of female warrior babe
red sonja red headed she devil with a sword
alien warrior fantasy art female future weapons
red headed female warrior woman

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  1. Al right people maybe some of you will call me a male chauvinist but i don`t give a hell about it i like girls with weapons they are hot like a burnin` ak 47 barrel but what is that super feminist girl with a dragon tail like any problem man sometimes woman deserves to have problems just like men oh by the way dear feminist author of the site you could post some pics of soldiers I mean they deserve to be on this site ya know
    I was fighting for real I even seen how my mates are died in the fighting i was shot i continued fighting like any other soldier would do so dear feminist author of the site post pics and other stuff about soldiers about heroes whose sacrificed them self to another soldier post pics about soldiers whose died for their home whose fighting for real not about feminist bitches so you get the point just think about it oh and if you don`t like this comment then you should eat a soldiers boot. Sgt

  2. I came across your site by accident…and all I can say is THANKS! Very entertaining, great collection of pics, amusing comments and I agree totally. Yes I am a online warrior,playing roles such as Red Sonja etc and other ruthless female killer type roles, for pure fun, and cause I can. I won’t deny it: I enjoy kicking arrogant men’s butts online. “bahahhaha “etc. I also dommed my RL hubby and now that bitch works for me. Life is good. Keep up the great work.

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