Women of World of Weapons

Warrior woman fantasy art

Part 1 of the warrior fantasy art series features 15 gorgeous and deadly ladies created by Heavy metal mag and other artists
We love the fantasy girls from our games bouncing around in the flesh at comic con and places alike

Warrior woman fantasy art part 2
Part 2 continues the tradition with deadlier and sexier, if thats possible, female warrior art from different clans and fighting styles. Above is my favorite from this section. Leave me a comment if you agree
The 3rd installment showcases some gorgeous vixens armed and armored.
Another installment? what the hell is going on. wasnt 3 enough? shoot
warrior woman fantasy art heavy metal
Sexy time before the blood bath
Women with weapons
Women enjoy weapons as well. Here is a colorful and tasteful photo gallery of lovely ladies with guns
Women with weapons part 2
Part 2 of women with weapons showcases some undeniable beauties who make it hard to remember which weapon was in the picture if any at all.
Amazon warrior women
Amazonian warrior women are a thing of beauty. Deadly and defiant roaming the amazons jungles in large groups to outnumber the male enemies
Red sonja warrior woman cover art
The sexy redhead warrior queen that graces the pages of comic books and soon will be made into a full movie
shiera warrior queen
From fortune to poverty. Shiera attempts to gain back her warrior status

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