Denel ntw-20 20 mm anti materiel sniper rifle

Denel ntw-20 20 mm anti material sniper rifle

Created in South Africa in 1995 by Tony Neophytou.

Put into service by armies in 1998 and is still used today.

Anti Materiel means it was designed to target military equipment such as tanks, enemy explosives from a safe distance and parked aircrafts.
Denel ntw-20 20 mm anti material sniper rifle
Looks like a sniper rifle and could be used as one but the 20 mm bullets it fires are much more than is needed to eliminate a human target.

Bullets are large enough to carry a payload such as an explosive or armor piercing center.
Soldier holding Denel ntw-20  anti material rifle
The Ntw-20 weighs 34 kg’s and requires a two man team who split the weight evenly and have specific roles in the firing, loading and assembly of this rifle.

3 round magazine plus bolt action and loading
Denel ntw-20 20 mm anti material sniper rifle
Denel ntw-20 20 mm anti material sniper rifle
Denel ntw-20 20 mm anti material sniper rifle
Photos of this anti material rifle being reviewed by gun enthusiast Ryan Hersher. He praises this beautiful sniper rifle and states it would of been very useful in wars and mission prior to 98 when armies started using them.

“The power you feel when firing the ntw-20 is unmatched by any other sniper rifle or anti-material gun on the market” He admits to ordering one for his own personal gun collection and says he will have a new toy to show off at the gun range soon.

Average cost: $100,000
Denel ntw-20 20 mm bullets anti material sniper rifle
Above: Displaying the different sizes of rifle ammo.
The last two on the right both used by the Denel ntw-20. The 20 x 82 mm and the 14.5 x 114 mm used by the ntw 14.5 which is a variation of the 20

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  1. I think this is completely insane, who on earth would need such a destructive piece of equipment. About time to check in to a mental hospital for a check up !

  2. The second picture is the barrett M82, the third, well.. i don’t know but definitely not the NTW-20…
    The 14.5 isn’t a variant (you can switch between 20 and 14.5 when you want) and this price…i don’t know where it came from but i highly doubt it cost this much…

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