Land shark gun – Armed and Dangerous

An innovative and entertaining weapon available only in the video game “Armed and Dangerous” by LucasArts.

Firing this gun once sends a gigantic blood thirsty shark that rips through the ground as though it were water and preys on the enemy soldiers that threaten you.
Each shark fired can eat multiple enemies. The enemies pause and say “Who’s there?” a second before the ravenous shark lunges out of the ground and devours anyone in its path.
This is a very unique video game weapon and took a creative mind to manifest it.
(Below) Pictures of the ammo and what the shark looks like when fully exposed


A video gamer in the video below demonstrates multiple enemy kills using the Land shark gun in the popular video game Armed and Dangerous

Box cover of Armed and Dangerous below and the main character is holding the land shark gun
Land shark gun - Armed and Dangerous video game box cover art
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Most expensive Sword in the world

Most expensive Sword in the world napoleans battle
Being the last privately owned sword from Napoleon Bonaparte’s personal collection gave this saber high expected auction value, said the auctioneers at the Osenat auction.

They Expected between $1.2 and $1.6 million but admit to being overwhelmed by the swords popularity but attribute it to the blade being the last in its collection.
$7.6 million, €4.8 million was the winning bid.

A very wealthy business woman, who preferred to stay anonymous, said It was a present for her husband, the man who has everything.
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Movie Weapons

movie weapons blog

Brilliant minds create the latest and greatest movie weapons. Each one must captivate the audience and add to the illusion of the cinema its a part 0f
guns rifles pistols in movies
I love seeing a classic real gun in a movie but also enjoy seeing a fictional gun that maybe one day in the future becomes a reality.
swords knives in movies blog
Nothing as sinister as a deadly warrior in a movie wielding a razor sharp sword

Shock trooper multi barrel gatling gun

AeonFlux_Shock Trooper Gatling gun Rifle

This Multi barrel rifle is seen exclusively in the movie Aeon Flux. It is a non functioning weapon made just for this movie and all action scenes it is used in used special effects to create the illusion of shooting seen in the movie
Shock trooper multi barrel gatling gun
This weapon was comprised entirely of plastic and aluminum and weighed just over 5 pounds.
Shock trooper multi barrel gatling gun
The shock trooper soldiers seen carrying the shock trooper rifle are the usual mindless enemy you see in most movies. A little to bad at aiming and often a week karate chop from a skinny female heroine is enough to render them unconscious on the floor.
Shock trooper multi barrel gatling gun
I have seen the movie Aeon Flux and I thought it was a good representation of what the future may look like. The futuristic weapons, armor and vehicles push the boundaries of science fiction well still remaining some what plausible.
This multi barrel assault rifle, though completely a fantasy weapon and movie prop, does have many similar looking but fully functioning guns in reality.
The closest would have to be the Minigun – Gatling type Multi barrel machine gun .
At 2-6000 shots per minute this gun could cut through a tree with little effort.
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Impact Hammer – Unreal Tournament 3

Primary rate of fire and info
  • Melee weapon
  • Damage 20-40
  • Fire rate 1 second
  • Charging time 2.27 seconds
  • Range 110uu

First seen in Unreal tournament 1 and then reinvented in the popular video game UT 3 with a great new look. This weapon does damage to humans and vehicles at close range.

Was originally a tool used in mining shafts to destroy rock but after many human casualties the Army decided to use it as a weapon.
The video below is of a gamer running around in unreal tournament 3 with the impact hammer killing and injuring many enemies.

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Book: A bloody nightmare. Chapter 1

Soldier 7 – Warrior force Army project

Soldier 7 - Warrior force Army project

Soldier 7 – The seventh and last Soldier series designed in the Warrior force army project.

Each Soldier was in fact just a robot with a human brain. Scientists determined that the brain was able to last at least twice as long as a human soldiers combat capable lifespan. The robot/suit has super human strength about 100 times that of a normal human soldier and can take some serious damage before shutting down.
Army – Each Soldier 7 unit costs 1.5 million dollars. The high cost is due to the extremely advanced technology and armor material. This limits the budget of the Army and permits them to have and maintain 1000 soldiers.

First seen in battle – Still unseen in battle. For now they serve as the personal guards to the third king of the dark Gods realm.

Top Ten Fantasy Warriors list

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Ragnar – Wise Warrior God from 4th Heaven

Ragnar - Wise Warrior God from 4th Heaven fantasy art

Artwork by JayAxer

Ragnar – A half demon half god warrior who has taken over the entire realm of 4th heaven.
Army – Has purchased the souls of millions of humans over the centuries (he is immortal)
and every time one dies he snatches them up and turns them into Spirit soldiers. He gives the humans spirit the right to possess its old dead body but only to fight for Ragnar and do his bidding. Though his army is comprised of weak humans the sheer number (2.3 million and counting) makes him a force to be reckoned with.

First seen in battle – When an immortal is born half demon half god he is allowed, on his 100th birthday (which would be about 15 in human years) to fight his way into the first level of heaven or be sent to hell to torture human souls.

Two angels were sent to stop Ragnar but he had trained hard all his life and easily destroyed them both.

He quickly moved up the ranks of heaven. At the fourth level he was growing incredibly strong in fact he was the strongest warrior ever seen on this level.

After a bitter dispute with some of the weak pure gods who controlled all levels and took pleasure in demeaning the half breeds Ragnar smuggled a hell sword in from the lowest levels of hell. He went on an insane killing spree and killed thousands and thousands of beings. His rampage lasted for close to 29 days of pure carnage. Being immortal he did not stop to rest long and at the end of the month a mountain of bodies lay piled up like so much garbage and the wise 20 or 30 thousand had their lives spared in return for loyalty to the war lord Ragnar.

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