Top 10 Future Weapons

future weapons discovery channel m32 grenade launcher

Future Weapons with Mack. One of my favorite shows from discovery channel.
Below are my favorite “Future Weapons” weapons
matador shoulder mounted missile launcher
Destroy anything withing 1600 feet with this missile launching future weapon
x51 hypersonic cruise missile
Goverments not so secret weapon to nuke anything in the world in under an hour
#3XM25(IAWS)future weapon Individual Airburst Weapon System (IAWS)
XM25 individual airburst weapon system future weapon
Smart weapons get smarter. For the first time weapon owners can control more than just the accuracy of their weapon. Different ammo depending on your objective.
Corner shot weapons system future smart weapon
An incredible weapons system that combines with guns and grenade launchers to enable the user to literally see around corners and objects. Colored video camera and monitor provide a clear view from a safe position.
the simon door breaching future weapon
Breaking down doors has become easier than ever for the us army. This future weapon uses an armed warhead that explodes on impact making short work of most doors.
Metal storm introduces this revolutionary grenade launching/rapid bullet firing area denial tool.
Self propelled artillery for 4.5 million a pop
This light weight and silent grenade launcher changes war fare
Helping to make the life of a soldier at war a little safer

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Future Weapons”

  1. Actually it looks like a POPULAR SCIENCE or POPULAR MECHANICS Art…

    Too bad the XM25 in the Video game MODERN WARFAR 3 can’t change types of Ammunition…

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