African Tribe Warriors

african tribes man warriors

Still, to this very day, African Tribesman Warriors still exist in remote parts of Africa. That is almost mind boggling. I am surprised mans corrupting grip on the world hasn’t wiped out all tribes and olden civilizations.
Africa's tribesman warriors
African Zulu Warriors

african Zurma tribe great african warriors

Zurma tribe great african warriors
the African woman tribe warrior
Life as the African woman
In war, frican warriors weapons range from clubs to spears but perhaps the razor sharp blades they wield are the deadliest.
Female African warrior tribes
Female African warrior tribes are that of myths because in an African tribe the womens role was that of a mother and gatherer while the male african tribesmen took on the manly role of hunter and protector
african warrior names vary greatly and to one who does not speak the language would have no meaning. But translated, african warrior names are fierce, powerful and meant to strike fear in those that understand it
Video of an interesting Zulu Warrior Tribe doing some wild dancing

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4 thoughts on “African Tribe Warriors”

  1. Um, actually. There is a vast range of social structures in African tribes. In the Atka tribe, men are seen as having a natural inclination to be nurturers, while the women are seen to have that of being hunters.

    You need to also study the vast spectrum of African Warrior Women history. Many women did fight alongside their male counterparts, especially during the days of the slave trade and the colonization of Africa.

  2. Sorry, are you sure that that is the correct name of the tribe? I tried to look it up but I can’t find it anywhere on the internet. are they so remote from society that they aren’t marked!? that would be most exciting. I would like to know more about them.

  3. Much of this information is misinformed (like the information about the women). That is not the way most African womens’ lives are. Furthermore, the entire post seems to perpetuate stereotypes more than it discusses previous warrior societies’ weapons.

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