Mike Tyson the Human Weapon

Mike Tyson’s viciousness is amplified in the many paintings and animations of him. Even though he is fierce in real life, that beast within is presented in the below painting.
Mike Tyson the Human Weapon


Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield
Mike Tyson vs…? seemed to be the question the boxing world asked during the undefeated mean streak of iron mikes career. Putting the best against the best is the reason any sport exists. Especially in boxing where some boxers reputations are that of gods. When the champion knows he is champ for a reason and will accept any challenge with no fear of losing. Each match is a new proving ground where boxers make and break their careers.
Mike Tyson vs Evander Holyfield, the fight where Mike bit a chunk of his opponents ear off in the middle of a match is the fight tyson is most famous for.

In the 3rd round is when mike took the first bite and surprisingly the fight continued after a brief timeout. After the second bite the fight was stopped and after a ruling was discontinued.
The result of this near cannibalistic showmanship was tyson’s boxing licence being revoked and a more than 3 million dollar fine. A little over a year later his licence was restored.
Hopefully he has learned to control his anger and from different interviews it seems he has.
I guess we never know what to expect from him
mike tyson biting evander hollyfields ear
Fed up with getting slapped around like a little girl by Evander Holyfield, Tyson barbarically bites a chunk of Holyfields ear off changing his life forever
and exposing the true insanity brewing in his head.
Mike vs Tyson.
In this movie “Mike vs Tyson” the director delves into the greatest battle of Mikes life, him vs himself. I found that this film did not meet the hype. It failed to penetrate mikes iron exterior even though it did show him doing everyday tasks like shopping.
I suggest watching the latest film on mike which I believe is self titled which I found far more entertaining and informative than this one.
Mike Tyson the knock out king
Tyson is probably most famous for his knockout power. No boxer was knocking people out as fast and as viciously as he was. The above video is an excellent demonstration of his shocking power and the many victims knocked unconscious by him.
Punching Power takes years of training and discipline to master as a true boxer puts his entire body behind his punches. It helps being built like a brick house too.
Mike Tyson Punchout game online
Mike Tyson’s celebrity status has spawned several video games with his name and character in them. Below is a fun and free mike tyson boxing game.
Click here to play Mike Tyson Punch out flash game online.
mike tyson knock out video game
In the heat of the moment mike tyson has been quoted saying some insane things.
quote – “called me a ‘rapist’ and a ‘recluse.’ I’m not a recluse.”

quote – “My main objective is to be professional but to kill him.”

quote – “You’re sweet. I’m going to make sure you kiss me good with those big lips. I’m gonna make you my girlfriend.”

quote – “He was screaming like my wife.”

quote – “Anyone with a grain of sense would know that if I punched my wife I would rip her head off. It’s all lies. I have never laid a finger on her.”

Those are just a few of my favorite Mike Tyson Quotes. Some other favs caught on video can be searched for on youtube.
Mike Tyson Training
Mike Tyson Training
Tyson underwent extreme physical as well as psychological training. Jeff Fenech was one of
mike’s coaches who pushed him to the extremes that he exhibited in the ring when he was on
top of his game.
Even though he is not in the ring anymore he still maintains frequent training.

Mike Tyson vs Bob Sapp
bob sapp vs mike tyson boxing fightmike tyson vs bob sapp fight
This is a fight I would love to see. During one of Bob Sapp’s fights after he had knocked his opponent out, Bob and Mike Tyson began exchanging words from mikes seat in the crowd
and as things got heated mike got up and pressed forwards towards the ring.
Not sure if I’ll ever see the Bob Sapp vs Mike Tyson fight but I, and many tyson fans (and Bob Sapp fans) can hope.
Mike Tyson acting in the hilarious movie The Hangover
hangover mike tyson
Mike Tyson plays a short part as himself in this 2009 comedy. He does a great job and we all have a laugh. If you havn’t already seen it, you can go to IMDB to find more info on The Hang over – mike tyson
Mike Tyson dies!
Mike Tyson dies at the age of 43… were the rumors flying around the world not too long ago. Some less reputable newspapers and news agencies pumped this headline out to the public claiming mike died from a hear attack following medical complications.

As far as I know mike is still alive and as healthy as ever.

Nicknames: Iron Mike Tyson, Kid Dynamite.

Mike Tyson’s daughter dies
In 2009 Mike Tyson’s daughter Exodus died tragically. It started with her being tangled in a treadmill cord and then later on she died in the hospital.
mike tyson human weapon
What a life mike tyson has lived so far. Im sure he will be remembered long after he’s gone.

M32 Grenade Launcher (MGL)

M32 Grenade Launcher 6 shot future weapons

Also Known as the MGL – Multiple Grenade Launcher. M32 was the Name it was given when the U.S. took over the rights

It was originally created in South Africa and put into service back in 1983 and is still being used today under the name M-32.
M32 Grenade Launcher 6 shot future weapons
Weight: Just under 12 pounds

Length with stock extended: 31 inches
Ammunition cartridge: 40 x 46 mm grenade round
40 x 51 grenade round
M32 Grenade Launcher 6 shot future weapons
M32 Grenade Launcher 6 shot future weapons
U.S. Military showing off the M32 with optical site
M32 Grenade Launcher 6 shot future weapons
M32 Grenade Launcher in storage and ready to be shipped out
M32 Grenade Launcher 6 shot future weapons

This is one sick six shooter semi auto grenade launcher. It can unload all 6 in under 3 seconds and is wisper quiet. Before the m32 many grenade launchers were single shot.

See the list of

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Top 10 Future Weapons

future weapons discovery channel m32 grenade launcher

Future Weapons with Mack. One of my favorite shows from discovery channel.
Below are my favorite “Future Weapons” weapons
matador shoulder mounted missile launcher
Destroy anything withing 1600 feet with this missile launching future weapon
x51 hypersonic cruise missile
Goverments not so secret weapon to nuke anything in the world in under an hour
#3XM25(IAWS)future weapon Individual Airburst Weapon System (IAWS)
XM25 individual airburst weapon system future weapon
Smart weapons get smarter. For the first time weapon owners can control more than just the accuracy of their weapon. Different ammo depending on your objective.
Corner shot weapons system future smart weapon
An incredible weapons system that combines with guns and grenade launchers to enable the user to literally see around corners and objects. Colored video camera and monitor provide a clear view from a safe position.
the simon door breaching future weapon
Breaking down doors has become easier than ever for the us army. This future weapon uses an armed warhead that explodes on impact making short work of most doors.
Metal storm introduces this revolutionary grenade launching/rapid bullet firing area denial tool.
Self propelled artillery for 4.5 million a pop
This light weight and silent grenade launcher changes war fare
Helping to make the life of a soldier at war a little safer

Black Panther Party

Original six members of the Black Panther Party in November 1966 Elbert Big Man Howard Huey P Newton Defense Minister Sherman Forte Bobby Seale Chairman Reggie Forte and Little Bobby Hutton Treasurer
Above: Original six members of the Black Panther Party in November, 1966. Top left to right: Elbert “Big Man” Howard; Huey P. Newton (Defense Minister), Sherman Forte, Bobby Seale (Chairman). Bottom: Reggie Forte and Little Bobby Hutton (Treasurer)
  • The Black Panther Party was active from 1966 to 1982.
  • The New Black Panther Party formed in 1989. Members of the original Black Panther Party view the new party as a “Hate group”, have claimed it is illegitimate, and have stated “there is no new Black Panther Party”

Black Panther party logo BPP

above: old Black panther party logo and the new black panther party logo below.

new Black Panther party logo NBPP

  • Originally named “Black Panther Party for self defense”
  • Categorized as an ” African-American revolutionary leftist organization”
Big man Don Cox June Hilliard Outside the national black panthers headquaters

Above: from left to right: Big man, Don Cox, June Hilliard. Outside the national black panthers headquaters
Stokely Carmichael Kwame Ture black panther party holding assault rifle

Above: Stokely Carmichael later changed to Kwame Ture. In 1967, the party marched on the California state capitol protesting the state’s attempt to illegalize carrying a loaded weapon in public.
  • The 1960’s and 70’s gave the BPP national and international fame due to their involvement in the Black Power movement and U.S. politics movement
  • The anti-racism movement of that time period is considered one of the most significant Political, social and cultural events in U.S. history

Huey Newtons trial 2nd day members of the Black Panther Party posing outside the court building July 16 1968

Above: Huey Newtons trial, 2nd day, members of the Black Panther Party posing outside the court building, July 16,1968

female member of the black panther party

Above: Female Member of the Black Panther Party saluting
  • The BPP was founded in 1966 on October 15th by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton
  • The group created a Doctrine to protect African American neighborhoods from police brutality
  • They originally accepted a wide and divers racial membership

Flier with Huey Newtons face and holding shotgun

Above: a Newspaper that was published showing Huey P. Newton with the slogan “Minister of defense of the Black Panther Party and supreme servant of the people”
  • The group published a newspaper called “the Black Panther” started in 1967
huey newton black panther party leader art
Above: Huey Newton art posing with shotgun and sword. His most famous photograph
  • The party became a counter culture icon in the 60’s
  • The black panther party condemned “Black Nationalism” as “Black racism” and turned their focus to socialism without racial exclusivity
FBI document outlining smudge campaign against Jean Seberg black panther party member
Above: The FBI formed a task force named COINTELPRO specifically created to tarnish the reputation and essentially “Neutralize” The Black Panther Party and groups they called “Black Nationalist hate groups”. The above document outlines the FBI’s plans to tarnish the reputation of a strong female BPP member named Jean Seberg. Many such operations where carried out.
  • The Black Panther Party had a strong community presence where they aimed to reduce poverty, improve health and soften their image in the public eye despite a constant effort from the police and government trying to besmirch them
black panther party anti drug pro political revolution flier
Above: BPP released a pamphlet about anti – drug use and also political revolution messages
  • J. Edgar Hoover once called the BPP “the greatest threat to the internal security of the country”.
  • He also Spearheaded the program COINTELPRO who’s main goal wa to incriminate party members, undermine their leadership and help in the community and take away all the resources and man power they could.

 Black power advocates 1968 picture
Above: Black power advocates 1968 picture

  • In 1969 Black Panther Party members reached 10,000 but numbers soon fell and never reached that high peak again.
  • By 1980 the Black Panther Party consisted of only 27 members due to declined support

Black Panther Party armed guards in street Colt 45 and a shotgun

Above: Black-Panther-Party-armed guards in street Colt 45 and a shotgun
female members sisters of the black panther part 1968
Above: black panther sisters
  • Another similar Black power group was present during this time known as the “Revolutionary Action Movement” or RAM.
  • RAM had a chapter in Oakland and followed the principles of Robert F. Williams

 the BPP swarmed by reporters during a speech

Above: the BPP swarmed by reporters during a speech
Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale having breakfast
Above: Black Panther Party co-founder Bobby Seale having breakfast
Black Panther convention Lincoln Memorial June 19 1970
Above: Black Panther convention, Lincoln Memorial June 19, 1970

Big Man Elbert Howard Black Panther Party founding member oakland 1968
Above: Big Man Elbert Howard Black Panther Party founding member oakland 1968

bpp during a public demonstration speech

Black Panther party Warriors

black panther party 40th reunion
Above: 40th reunion meeting in Oakland CA in 2006
new black panther party voting pressure
Above: In 2008 the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights released a report stating the new and current Black Panther Party was intimidating voters with public demonstrations and recruiting.